Sizing and Care


Here comes the tricky part !

As the clothes come from different brands, countries and eras, there is no such thing as proper size chart. We tried to convert the measurements into modern sizes (as vintage clothes tends to size small). Sometimes the original tag will say the right size, sometimes not. 

Thats why we marked the clothe with the more appropriate modern size, but we strongly advise that you carefully check all the measurements given in order to be sure it will fit your little one the better.


Because these pieces have been stored for decades, they sometimes come to us with that «granny’s attic» smell. Because we understand you might want your little one to wear a 50 years old sweater without the 50-years-old smell ( !!! ) , we take great care gently launder most of the clothes to also make sure they will pass the machine laundry test well. 

Wearing a 60-year-old dress sounds great but it should be easy to clean and durable. We are mums too and want easy and practical clothes for our children so we pay a lot of attention to these details.

Unless specified otherwise, all of them can be washed at 40° on a gentle cycle.

Even though we're taking great care to select and review each clothe condition, we're still humans ! As a result it remains possible that some minor defects such as stains, missing buttons or small holes escaped our attention. In that case, contact us quickly and we'll propose either refund or exchange .

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