EU 25-26-27

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Deadstock 1970-80's Vintage Red Open Toe Kids Clogs / Sandals Made in Italy EU 27-Shoes-Petit Pays Vintage
Vintage 50's Brown Leather T Bar Shoes Made in France EU 27 and 30-Shoes-Petit Pays Vintage
Deadstock 1970/80's Children's White / Green Trainers Made in France EU 26, 27-Shoes-Petit Pays Vintage
Deadstock 1970's Toddler Vegan Brown Walkers Made in France EU 25-Shoes-Petit Pays Vintage
Deadstock 1970's Baby / Toddler White Walkers Made in France EU 23-25-Shoes-Petit Pays Vintage
Vintage 50's Tartan Red Lined Slippers/Booties French NOS Size 25, 26-Shoes-Petit Pays Vintage
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