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First thing first, let's introduce ourselves shall we ?!
Well, us is .. Me ! My name is Anna, I'm a french living in Brighton (UK) for 6 years now, and mum to 5yo Alice and 20 months old Elliottt. Back in the years I was living in France I was a musician in a indie band and having my first baby made me want to change my path.





LES MISTONS was born in 2015 and it is, of course, a project completely linked to this life changing adventure of becoming a family and having a baby. It is also very much linked to Brighton which is the perfect place for raising kids and its friendly and eccentric atmosphere is also a wonderful breeding ground for new ideas and creativity.

Most of the clothes come from France and UK and have been produced between the 50s and the 70s. A lot of them are "new old stock", meaning the have never been worn, and often bear the original tag. We select the clothes  with great care and you can expect them all to be flawless. 

For those who wonder, LES MISTONS is a kind of slang word for "kids" in French, and it's also the name of french film director (one of my favourites) François Truffaut's first short film (1957). He is very unique in his way of depicting childhood, full of joy,  poetry and melancholy. 

Well I must admit I'm a bit obsessed by the idea of transmission, in general. Things that stay untouched for decades or cherished by several generations. So LES  MISTONS is also my way to do my part !

Want to pay a visit to our studio ? We'll happily show you round the "Office" nested on the hills of the Hanover neighbourhood in Brighton. 

 Feel free to contact us at

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