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Our passion is to curate an impeccable collection of handpicked midcentury vintage clothes for babies and kids, girls and boys from ages 0 to 14.

Our clothes were produced in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s (a few 80’s pieces might have made their way through the stock, it means they’re really worth it!). 

The large majority of them are new and unworn (that's what we call « new old stock »). They come from old factories, shops, sample lots, individuals who kept those gems hidden for decades and made their way to us through auctions, direct sales or attic clearing. Very often, these will also still have their original tag attached. 

Finding them really feels like a treasure hunt ! 

Some of the clothes are pre-loved but we take great care of picking the ones that are in excellent condition only. The clothing item’s detailed information will indicate if the piece is New or Pre-loved.

As for the production rules of these decades, the majority of the clothes were lovingly made within Europe and USA, with most of them being produced in France and United Kingdom. 

We also gently launder most of the clothes, to make sure they arrive to you in the best condition possible. Please take a look at the SIZING AND CLEANING TIPS section for more information.